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I am quitting. MiniAcquoline is a failure, my whole life is a failure. 
It takes courage to admit it and go on living after all that has happened to me in these past 6 years. My dad died of an undiagnosed cancer, I have Graves' disease and TED, I now have double vision after decompression surgery, I could not graduate, I could not take a job, people have always been treating me like a shitty creep, I weight 88 pounds, I never go out and my miniature making is bad. 
I hate life, I hate everything, I can't fake a happy life I will never have. My life is a nightmare, I can't take it anymore.
Hello everybody! I had bilateral orbital decompression surgery at the end of May for my thyroid eye disease.
I thought some of you may be interested in reading more about it. If you suffer from Graves' Disease, TED or a similar thyroid disease that has affected your eyes, you can check out my blog post about it and feel free to ask me anything about this surgery, my post-op recovery and the illness I suffer from.
Thank you!…
Take a look at this shop if you're looking for inexpensive, funny colorful gifts for your friends! :heart:
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Enjoy! :highfive:
I have a gift for youuuu, my dear followers here on DeviantArt and it is a special coupon code you can enter on my Etsy shop to get 15% off your order!  So, if there's something you like this is the time to get it!! :D

This is the code you can enter: DEVIANT15
and it will be valid until October, 24

Enjoy! :heart:
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Everybody!!! You simply have to read and see the new AIM IMag Issue! It's wonderful, AND it's about miniature food (and a lot more as usual, but mainly miniature food) AND it features an article I had the privilege and honor to write! It's about desserts and I'm just so happy about it! :woohoo:

Here's the link:…! :giggle:
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Ok everybody, you can't miss this issue of AIM Imag because it's just stunning! Modern and contemporary miniatures are awesome! And check out the fast food section ... :wow:…
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Hey! I've just posted the fast food miniatures I made this week and I think they're quite cute and colorful and I had fun, making all the paper packages, boxes and cups, and of course all that greasy saucy food!

I also wanted to post the link to the new issue of AIM's magazine… because it's beautiful as usual and my blog is featured on pages 44-45 with a wonderful article. This group is made of talented artists and each issue of the magazine is stunning.

I posted some more pictures of my fast food miniatures on my blog and on my Etsy so if you want, you can take a look at them there.
OMG! I've been featured in this month issue of AIM magazine and the article about me and my work is just amazing and astonishing! I'm speechless because of all the pictures, the article itself and everything is so nicely done. I've never had anything like this =D!
Just take a look at it and the whole issue is just great with lots of beautiful miniatures and talented artists and artisans.

Here's the link to the issue. My interview is on pages 93/97.…:
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I'm happy to show this month's CDHM IMag featuring my Ravioli table here:…:
Looks like people always love this table, I definitely have to do another one! :woohoo:
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Hey! :wave:
I'm so happy I've been featured in this month's number of CDHM iMag again!! :giggle:
I didn't know about the feature, so I was reading the number as I usually do, and all of a sudden my pumpkins table appears!! The one I've just re-made =D

I'm very proud of my two tables:……

Hey hey hey, I have a new blog:…
I'll post everytime I have something new to show or say or tell or ask the world!
Natalia - MiniAcquoline
Hi everyone!

My big Halloween party table has been featured in this month CDHM iMag with other amazing Halloween miniatures:…

If you like Halloween miniatures you'll love this number!

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I know it's been quite a bit but I'm ill and sick at the moment (it's been 3 months =() and I'm busy at the hospital almost everyday.
It kinda sucks =(
So again, I don't have enough time to do miniatures and when I come back home from the hospital I feel very tired and sick to work.

I'll think about something to do as soon as possible! I'm so sorry!

Thank you to everybody adding my works as favourites and watching me! Love ya :hug:
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Hi everybody!

I'm sorry I've been so absent during these days (weeks?! months?! years?! =D) but I'm having troubles with my health, so when I'm not meeting doctors, I'm too tired to do miniatures ... sad but true .. :lonely:
Moreover, I'm such an awful procrastinator!

Btw, I have some ideas and I'll go back to work as soon as possible!

Natalia - MiniAcquoline
Hi everybody!
So I finally managed to get a Facebook page, woohoo!
I will update it everytime I have new miniatures to show and everytime I put a new miniature on my Etsy Shop, so check it to see what I'm doing, and become a fan if you want to (I'd really appreciate that XD)!

Hey everybody!
So, I have a Flickr account now so you can follow me there too, if you want!

This is the link:…

Bye and Happy Christmas everybody!
Hi there!
I'm glad to announce that I've finally opened a shop on Etsy, so now you can buy my miniatures! Woohooh!
This is the link to my shop:…

It's kinda empty now, but I'm gonna upload everything I posted here on Deviantart as soon as I can!

Visit my shop! =D